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  • Service Access Through RDP

Client can send source documents through email/ FTP/ Dropbox/ G-Suite/ Google Drive/ through our website

We work on the same software as you do on your computer, example quickbooks, drake, turbo tax etc.

We send the updated company file for your review

Infrastructure and security

  • Dell High speed server: We have own Dell brand server with higher speed
  • Our Server & Computer network is secured with Sophos Firewall security
  • Secure VPN user Authentication
  • NAS (Network Attachment Storage) External Backup Drive is connected with Server
  • Auto Cloud backup software is connected with NAS External Backup Drive and auto email notification
  • Antivirus web console security with complete user pc log report
  • PEN Drive password protection at user level
  • APC (American Power Conversion) UPS with SNLP card is connected with server. SNLP card provides log reports of UPS working status on pc
  • Multiple Internet line: Fiber internet | Lease Line available
  • Polycom IP Phones for pc users
  • All User Desktop pc with high speed SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • CCTV DVR cameras is connected indoor and outdoor for monitoring. It can be seen on Mobile and desktop
  • Secure Accorp Intranet with limited access of sites and block social network sites

Client upload the source document and working software to a secure virtual platform

We connect to cloud virtual server through secure login credentials.

We complete the work and log out of the cloud server.

This is our second way to access & working on QB software. Cloud computing provides the way for access server over the internet. A lot of Cloud service provider are available in the market. If you are going with Cloud server hosting, you don’t need to go for investment like server hardware, Maintenance. Everything is on cloud with trustable security.

Amazon AWS

Amazon aws is a cloud services platform. Amazon AWS owns network connected structure according to users need. You can go with AWS if you can believe in cloud hosting. Click Here

Google Cloud

Google cloud is high computing platform for VM ( Virtual Machine) access. We can use this platform for access server through internet and work according our need. Google Cloud is trustable platform for end users. Click Here

If you select cloud platform for Server access in cloud then we can access cloud remote session with secure firewall network connection.

Client saves the source documents and working software to a particular location on its server

We connect to your servers using secured VPN/ RDP.

We complete the work and securely log out from the remote server

Customer Server Access through Remote Desktop [RDP]

This is the platform of Customer Server Access through RDP. Here we can access your own server if you have then connect through secure firewall gateway users desk. All data is stored on customer server we will need to connect by remotely through static IP or other media if available.