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Accountancy, Bookkeeping And Payroll Service

Accorp is a leading financial adviser firm with in-depth domain knowledge of the business and regulater environment that enable our clients to meet their strategic aspirations

  1. Payroll setup
  2. Entering YTD information’s
  3. ITime & Attendance System
  4. Processing Payroll
  5. Calculating employee and employer’s taxes
  6. Direct Deposit
  7. Depositing payroll taxes
  8. Filing quarterly and annual payroll tax (940, 941)
  9. Prepare and file year end payroll tax forms (W-2, W-3 & 1099)
  10. Payroll reconciliation and balancing W-2
  1. Vouching
  2. Analytical procedures to check the reasonableness of expenses, e.g. depreciation reasonability
  3. Variance analysis, involving identification of key differences and find the reason for the same
  4. Entry of checks with relevant information and processing ACH and wires
  5. Perform and document substantive procedures
  6. Preparation of audit report
  1. Preparing financial statements
  2. EOY journal adjustments
  3. General ledger scrutiny
  4. Reconciliation of assets and liabilities at EOY
  5. Analytical review and variance analysis
  6. Preparation of cross reference working paper files
  7. Preparation of excel schedules and working to support financial statements
  8. Management accounts monthly/annually
  1. Business Plan
  2. Budget & forecast
  3. Review Meeting
  4. Reengineering of Process
  5. Restructuring of Finance function, setting roles, responsibilities and authorities
  6. Implementation of Accounting software’s, data migration, testing, user roles, mapping of chart of accounts, reports designing.
  7. Management Dashboards
  8. Accurate and timely vendor reconciliation
  9. Issue of 1099s to vendors
  1. Entering purchase invoices on the basis of supporting documentation like purchase orders, contracts and other related documents
  2. PO based invoice processing involving matching of invoices with packing slips/goods receipts and purchase orders
  3. Processing of AP invoices with tracking of input taxes such as Sales and use tax
  4. Entry of checks with relevant information and processing ACH and wires
  5. Processing of utility bills in accounting software based on scanned bills and/or by accessing online utility accounts
  6. Creation and maintenance of vendor database
  7. Ageing of payables and tracking of payables to ensure early payment discounts and/or adherence to existing payment terms
  8. Accurate and timely vendor reconciliation
  9. Issue of 1099s to vendors
  1. Accounting system setup
  2. Entering bank and credit card transactions
  3. Bank and credit card reconciliation
  4. General ledger accounting
  5. Allocating the account entries
  6. Entering payroll transactions
  7. Reconciliation of payroll
  8. Fixed assets accounting
  9. Inventory Maintenance
  10. Clean up or historical accounting
  11. Preparing financial statement
  12. Balance sheet reconciliation
  1. Entry of sales invoices based on timesheet, sales orders, purchase orders and contracts
  2. Customer payments/receipts processing
  3. Reconciling sales booked through POS (Point of Sale) systems/online stores with the accounting system
  4. Ageing of receivables and receivables tracking
  5. Voice and email based collection support
  6. Track and resolve delinquent accounts
  7. Customer ledger maintenance
  8. Customer profitability analysis – Know which customers are most profitable
  9. Sales Order Processing Services
  10. Receipting/Cash Application Services
  11. Customer reconciliation and emailing of customer statements
  12. Maintenance of customers database
  13. Tracking of customer security deposits
  14. Tracking of 1099’s issued by customers

Accorp has developed the traditional auditing role into a process that helps us gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs.

Our process uses knowledge and wisdom to provide value-added suggestions that help our clients achieve financial and operational success.


Our professionals provide high-level expertise that help businesses make sound financial and accounting decisions and assist in making processes and technology run more efficiently. The benefits of outsourcing high-level finance and accounting functions include meaningful and succinct financials that stem from the fresh ideas, new answers, and strategic input that the experts at Sikich can provide.

Sikich helps determine, construct, and manage a financial path for business success by providing:

  1. Business projections
  2. Cash flow planning and predictions
  3. Clean, accurate financial and accounting data
  4. Competency in answering financial/accounting questions
  5. Consultative services
  6. Development of financial processes and metrics
  7. Financial management of growth and rebound phases, including acquisitions and expansions
  8. Strategic direction, forecasting, and solutions
  9. Streamlined processes
  10. Tax planning and audit facilitation
  11. Wealth preservation and wealth creation guidance
  12. Workflow assessment and mapping

We integrate with the systems you use today.



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Ashish Goyal

Process Development Leader