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It covers Cyber controls as expressed by a company's organization-wide cyber risk management program.


Controls to address information systems around 5 trust service criteria namely security, availability, confidentiality, privacy and processing integrity


This is the International assurance standard describing the SOC engagements.


Controls to address information systems around 5 trust service criteria namely security, availability, confidentiality, privacy and processing integrity


This is the Canadian standard that addresses the audit engagement undertaken by service auditor to report control of organizations that provide service to user entity.

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Economic decisions in every society must be based upon the information available at the time the decision is made. For example, the decision of a bank to make a loan to a business is based upon previous financial relationships with that business, the financial condition of the company as reflected by its review financial statements and other factors. If decisions are to be consistent with the intention of the decision makers, the information used in the decision process must be reliable.

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Through the use of tax-deferred retirement accounts you can invest some of the money you would have otherwise paid in taxes to increase the amount of your retirement fund. Many employers offer plans where you can elect to defer a portion of your salary and contribute it to a tax-deferred retirement account. For most companies, these are referred to as 401(k) plans. For many other employers, such as universities, a similar plan called a 403(b) is available. Some employers match a portion of employee contributions to such plans. If this is available, you should structure your contributions to receive the maximum employer matching contribution.

If you are due a bonus at year-end, you may be able to defer receipt of these funds until January. This can defer the payment of taxes (other than the portion withheld) for another year. If you're self-employed, defer sending invoices or bills to clients or customers until after the New Year begins. Here, too, you can defer some of the tax, subject to estimated tax requirements.

You can achieve the same effect of short-term income deferral by accelerating deductions, for example, paying a state estimated tax installment in December instead of at the following January due date.

Most individuals are in a higher tax bracket in their working years than during retirement. Deferring income until retirement may result in paying taxes on that income at a lower rate. Deferral can also work in the short term if you expect to be in a lower bracket in the following year or if you can take advantage of lower long-term capital gains rates by holding an asset a little longer.

When tax is paid to a foreign taxing authority on income that is also reported on your U.S. return you may qualify for relief from double taxation via a Foreign Tax Credit on you U.S. return.

Transfer pricing is a myriad of concepts involved in determining how related parties charge each other for products, services, and loans. This is a highly controversial subject as it often determines the amount of taxes paid to various countries. The IRS has an large staff devoted to this area with their primary function being to meet with their counterparts from other countries in order to resolve disputes and to ultimately eliminate double taxation.

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