Incorporation in UK

Contents of Form IN01 for incorporation of Company

1. The proposed company name

2. Situation of registered office 

3. Type of Company - 

          Public limited by shares          

          Private limited by shares          

          Private limited by guarantee          

          Private unlimited with share capital          

          Private unlimited without share capital

4. Principal business activity

5. Choice of articles of association whether model article or subject to some restrictions

6. Details of the proposed director(s), and the secretary if it has one

      - Private companies must appoint at least one director who is an individual

      - Public companies must appoint at least two directors, one of which must be an individual

7. Details of people with significant control over the entity 

8. Directors’ service and residential addresses

9. A statement of capital and initial shareholdings or a statement of guarantee

10. Details of subscriber including capital taken by each of them 

11. Fees for online Registration £12