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The HITRUST framework provides structure to businesses that need to cross-reference relevant regulations with authoritative sources. It also delivers clarity and functionality as you can modify each security control baseline based on your organization.

Despite being created with the intent of protecting health information, HITRUST framework isn’t limited to one industry. As it continues to be used and evolved, the security framework has been used in:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Finance
  3. Manufacturing

Increment Customer Trust

A HITRUST Certification assists you with taking on internationally acknowledged consistency commands to safeguard delicate information. A HITRUST Certification gives your association a solid information security establishment by assisting you with remediating weaknesses before they are taken advantage of. Clients can have expanded trust in your obligation to keep their information secure.

Find Gaps in Your Compliance

Exploring a HITRUST CSF Assessment can dismay. Our accomplished assessors assist you with distinguishing holes in your consistency while offering you vital remediation guidance. Utilizing long stretches of evaluation experience in PCI, HIPAA, entrance testing, and legal examinations, Accorp assessors help you focus on and address your weaknesses.

Partake in a Straightforward Process

Accorp assessors make the Compliance HITRUST cycle straightforward by breaking ventures into noteworthy pieces, so you won't feel overpowered. An allotted project facilitator works with you and the Accorp assessors, keeping everybody in question coordinated and on target.


HITRUST is one of the most stringent and time-intensive certifications for any sized organization to take on, we assist you with decreasing the weight of social occasion proof and completing continuous approved HITRUST assessments to confirm compliance.

HITRUST-prepared strategies

Save a long time by not composing your own strategies as a whole

Automated deployment

Push and send HITRUST-agreeable cloud administrations in minutes

Monitoring & reporting

Dashboards and cautions for complete compliance and cloud visibility.

Instant HITRUST proof

Cut your chance to appraisal and affirmation



At Accorp, we value our top notch actual security and driving assurance against blackouts. Our reasonable colocation arrangements make it simple for you to begin. Get a free statement today!

Consistence and SECURITY

Accorp generally has your back with regards to take a chance with the board, data security, review status, and backing. You can depend on us to assist you with all your basic business needs.


A confidential cloud stage guarantees the security of your delicate information, gives unmatched control to your group and monitors costs while working with your crossover cloud technique.


To oversee chance and remain ready, it is fundamental to have completely incorporated information security, debacle reaction administrations, and working environment recuperation offices. This will guarantee that your business is in every case completely functional.


In order to best protect their customers, healthcare providers need to be HITRUST certified. Compliance HITRUST provides a framework for healthcare providers to follow in order to ensure their information security and cybersecurity practices are up to par. By outsourcing their compliance-related functions, healthcare providers can best protect their customers. In this E-book you will learn what you want.

Take a complete Healthcare Risk assurance package


Frequently Asked Questions

The HITRUST CSF is a framework designed and created to streamline regulatory compliance through a common set of security controls mapped to the various standards to enable organizations to achieve and maintain compliance.

HITRUST can be used across all sectors and throughout the third-party supply chain. Since its formation in 2007, 81 percent of US hospitals and health systems, and 83 percent of health plans leverage HITRUST. It's the most widely adopted control framework in the healthcare sector, according to a 2018 HIMSS survey.

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) is a certifiable security framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive, flexible and efficient approach to regulatory compliance and risk management.

A HITRUST Certificate is valid for 2 years. The first year is a full HITRUST assessment audit; year two is an interim HITRUST assessment audit.

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