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Company Registration

You will get your US company ready to start your business

Banking Solutions

Your Company Bank Account will be remotely opened with a FDIC Insured US-Based Bank

Virtual Address

You will enjoy 1 year of virtual address in the USA you can use to receive mails and packages.

Registered Agent

You will get registered agent for 1 year

US Phone Number

You will be assigned a 1 x local US phone number


You will get the Tax ID Number for your company (EIN) to meet the requirements of financial institutions

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With a lot of experience in compliance, hiring us will become a right solution for your business!

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Our Services

Business Registration in the USA

We help register your company in the USA

Company Secretarial Services in the USA
  • Corporate secretarial services include legal and business advisory support
Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in the USA
  • We offer a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services
Taxation service
  • Handle all filings at the state and federal level

US Incorporation Ebook

The process of incorporating a business in the United States is not as daunting as it may seem. By following the steps outlined in this ebook, you will be well on your way to starting your own business in no time. The first step is to determine the type of business you would like to create. Choosing the right entity is important, as it will affect how you are taxed and the amount of paperwork you are responsible for. You will also need to select a name for your company and file for a tax ID

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Incorporation Year 1 expense Year 2 expense
Company Incorporation
Professional fees - incorporation 200
State fees 90 300 300
Registered agent fees 75 Paid during incorporation 50
Remote Bank opening
Banking 100 Paid during incorporation
EIN Application
EIN 100
Virutual office
Virtual office fees 150 Paid during incorporation 150
Return filing
Professional fees - Return filing 300 300
30 Min Consultation
Free 0 0
0 0 0
Incorporation Year 1 expense Year 2 expense
The state fee for the state of dalware for any other state kindly check
0 0 0

Frequently Asked Questions

Any natural and legal entity can form a corporation in the US – disregarding residence and nationality. You nevertheless need a Registered Agent in order to found your company. The founder of the company does not have to travel to the US in order to establish his or her company.

Businesses incorporate primarily for protection: protection of the owners of the company from the liabilities of the business. Both corporations and limited liability companies legally separate the owners/investors of a company from their company's liabilities. Further, incorporation of either a corporation or an LLC may provide tax benefits, prestige and/or name protection, as well as possibly making it easier to set up health insurance, retirement plans and other benefits to owners and employees.

Although there are several types of companies, the most commonly-used types are corporations and limited liability companies.

Nearly all states require a company to have an agent within the state to accept service of process and to whom the state will send annual reports, tax notices and other compliance matters. If the company doesn't have its own address within the state, it can use a professional registered agent to fulfill this requirement. Failure to maintain an agent usually means the company will lose its legal right to do business.

In the US tax code, a corporation is a C corporation by default. Because it is separate from its shareholders, it pays its own taxes based on its own income. No one is entitled to take money from the corporation unless it is a payment for services rendered, for salary or bonus, or as a dividend. Income remaining after deductions for expenses and depreciation are taxed by the federal government and perhaps also by state governments. What's left after this is available to build up capital in the corporation or to give to the shareholders as dividends.

EIN is Employer identification number or US internal revenue services generate a tax ID number. Employer identification number (EIN) is a unique identification number allotted to a company incorporated, which is essential for post-registration procedure or taxation purpose

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