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HITRUST Certification Journey with Accorp Partners


In order to best protect their customers, healthcare providers need to be HITRUST certified. Compliance HITRUST provides a framework for healthcare providers to follow in order to ensure their information security and cybersecurity practices are up to par. By outsourcing their compliance-related functions, healthcare providers can best protect their customers. In this E-book you will learn what you want.

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HITRUST e1 Assessment

The e1 version provides a 'Good hygiene' level of assurance with 44 controls for organizations facing low-level information security risks, including HITRUST assessment audit services.It's especially suited for small businesses or startups with limited resources seeking to distinguish themselves in the market. This option allows for quicker establishment of a baseline security posture and identification of any coverage gaps.

The Accorp Partners specializes in HITRUST CSF Validated Assessments, a formal evaluation conducted by our team of HITRUST Authorized External Assessors. This assessment is crucial for organizations handling sensitive healthcare information, ensuring compliance with industry regulations like HIPAA and HITECH. Our HITRUST Risk & Advisory Services, including thorough policy, procedure, and technical control reviews, along with on-site validations, support your organization in achieving and maintaining compliance.

HITRUST Implemented, 1-Year (i1) Validated Assessment

Designed for healthcare entities and business partners seeking moderate assurance, this one-year certification focuses on a predetermined set of controls chosen and updated annually by HITRUST, along with HITRUST assessment audits. The effectiveness of these controls is evaluated through testing. Our assessors review the assessment for accuracy, ensure its correctness, and submit it to HITRUST for approval.

HITRUST Risk-Based, 2-Year (r2) Validated Assessment

HITRUST CSF assessments evaluate the maturity levels of various controls within the Policy, Procedure, Implemented, Measured, and Managed categories. Successful completion of validated assessments leads to HITRUST certifications based on satisfactory assessment scores.

HITRUST Interim Assessment

In accordance with HITRUST requirements, all validated assessments must be followed by an interim assessment within the initial year of certification. The interim assessment verifies the ongoing functionality of controls and assesses the adherence to Corrective Action Plans formulated during the initial validation process. At Accorp Partners, we offer specialized HITRUST Risk & Advisory Services to assist your organization in maintaining the effectiveness of controls and ensuring continuous compliance.

Bridge Assessment

What occurs if an organization holding HITRUST CSF certification & hitrust csf assessment can not complete its subsequent HITRUST CSF Validated Assessment before the expiration of the current certificate? In such scenarios, the Bridge Assessment comes into play.

Our Clients


"Accorp Partners proved to be an invaluable partner on our HITRUST journey."

- Sarah Johnson, Chief Compliance Officer, Canada

"Accorp has been a great partner in helping us to achieve HIPAA compliance & hitrust csf assessment. Their team is knowledgeable and always available to help us with any issues that we have, especially in HITRUST Risk & Advisory Services. I would highly recommend them to any healthcare organization."

Healthcare Administrator, Meditech, UK

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What is a HITRUST control?
HITRUST controls are specific measures and safeguards outlined in the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) that organizations implement, along with HITRUST Risk & Advisory Services, to ensure their information security practices meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.
Who uses HITRUST?
HITRUST is utilized by a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, technology, and more, seeking comprehensive HITRUST assessment and audit services. Any organization that deals with sensitive data and aims to enhance its cybersecurity practices can benefit from HITRUST.
The HITRUST CSF is a comprehensive framework that integrates various security and privacy controls from multiple industry standards and regulations. It offers a standardized approach to managing information risk and is widely recognized as a benchmark for cybersecurity, along with HITRUST assessment service.
How long is a HITRUST CSF Certification valid?
A HITRUST CSF Certification is valid for two years from the date of issue. However, organizations must undergo interim assessments, often facilitated by HITRUST Risk & Advisory Services, to maintain compliance and ensure their security practices remain up to date.
What are the benefits of HITRUST?
HITRUST provides organizations with a standardized and well-recognized framework to demonstrate their commitment to information security and regulatory compliance. It boosts customer trust, enhances risk management, and positions businesses as leaders in data protection, with a focus on comprehensive HITRUST assessment and audit services.
Why should your organization get HITRUST Certification?
Obtaining HITRUST Certification signifies your organization's dedication to safeguarding sensitive data, aligning with industry standards, and mitigating cybersecurity risks. Partnering with HITRUST Risk & Advisory Services can streamline this process and enhance your organization's cybersecurity posture. It can open doors to new business opportunities, partnerships, and increased credibility, along with HITRUST assessment service.
What is the role of HIPAA audits?
HIPAA audits & hitrust csf assessment evaluate an organization's compliance with privacy and security regulations, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending improvements.
How does HITRUST benefit organizations?
HITRUST offers a structured approach to improving information security and privacy practices. It streamlines compliance efforts, reduces vulnerabilities, and fosters a culture of data protection. Additionally, HITRUST Certification & hitrust csf assessment enhances your reputation and trustworthiness among stakeholders.
Is HITRUST only for large organizations?
No, HITRUST is suitable for organizations of all sizes. It provides a scalable framework that can be tailored to fit the specific security needs and resources of both large enterprises and smaller businesses, along with HITRUST assessment service.
What does HITRUST Certification process involve?
The HITRUST Certification & hitrust csf assessment process includes scoping, self-assessment, external assessment by an approved assessor, and validation. Accorp Partners can guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and successful certification journey.
Can HITRUST help with regulatory compliance?
Yes, HITRUST aligns with various industry regulations and standards, making it a valuable tool for achieving compliance. It helps organizations address multiple compliance requirements within a unified framework, reducing duplication of efforts.
How does HITRUST handle evolving security threats?
HITRUST regularly updates its framework to address emerging security threats and industry developments. This proactive approach ensures that organizations using HITRUST, including HITRUST assessment service,and hitrust csf assessment can adapt to the evolving threat landscape and maintain robust security measures.
What industries benefit most from HITRUST?
While HITRUST is applicable across various industries, healthcare, financial services, and technology sectors often benefit the most due to the nature of the sensitive data they handle. However, any organization dealing with sensitive information can benefit from HITRUST.
Is HITRUST recognized internationally?**
Yes, HITRUST's framework is recognized globally as a comprehensive standard for information security and hitrust csf assessment. Its adoption is not limited to any specific geographic region and is respected in various industries worldwide, making HITRUST assessment service invaluable for organizations looking to achieve compliance.

Case Studies

XYZ Healthcare, a large healthcare provider specializing in medical care for patients with chronic illnesses, recognizes the importance of data security. Partnering with HITRUST Risk & Advisory Services, they aim to bolster their cybersecurity measures and ensure the protection of sensitive patient information.

The mid-sized health insurance provider offers a range of health insurance policies tailored to individuals, families, and businesses. To bolster their data security and compliance efforts, they have undergone a comprehensive HITRUST assessment audit, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive information and compliance with industry standards.

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