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Types of Dubai Incorporation

Mainland Company

Mainland companies are registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. They can conduct business anywhere in the UAE, requiring a local UAE sponsor or service agent who holds 51% of the company's shares. Some sectors allow for 100% foreign ownership.

Free Zone Company

Free zones in Dubai offer 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and streamlined procedures. Each free zone caters to specific industries like technology, logistics, and healthcare..

Offshore Company

Offshore companies, such as those under Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) Offshore, are used for asset holding and international trade but cannot conduct business within the UAE.

Local Branch or Representative Office

Foreign companies can open local branches or representative offices for activities like marketing and market research without engaging in commercial trading.

Professional Firm

Professionals in law, healthcare, and similar fields can establish professional firms with full foreign ownership, subject to specific regulatory requirements.

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"I had a remarkable experience partnering with Accorp Partners for company incorporation in Dubai. "

Sarah Williams, CEO, United Kingdom

"Accorp Partners made company incorporation in Dubai seamless for us. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable."

John, Director, United States

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Can I establish a business in Dubai without a residence permit?
Yes, you can establish an offshore company in Dubai without needing a residence permit. Offshore companies don't require office space, and therefore, residency is not a prerequisite.
How much does it cost for a business setup in Dubai?
The cost of business setup in Dubai varies based on factors like the type of company, location, business activity, and services needed. With experts like Bizvisor can provide accurate cost estimates.
What are the steps for company formation in the UAE?
The steps include choosing a business activity, legal structure, company name, applying for licenses, preparing legal documents, and more. Bizvisor offers comprehensive assistance through every stage.
Why choose Bizvisor for business setup in Dubai?
Bizvisor offers expert guidance, personalized solutions, streamlined processes, and in-depth knowledge of Dubai's business landscape, making the setup process efficient and smooth.
Is conducting business in Dubai simple?
With the right support, conducting business in Dubai can be straightforward. Bizvisor's expertise simplifies the process, ensuring compliance and smooth operations.
What kinds of business licenses are available in Dubai?
Dubai offers various business licenses, including Commercial, Professional, Industrial, and more. The appropriate license depends on your business activity.
What are the documents required for company formation in the UAE?
Required documents typically include passport copies, NOC (if applicable), business plan, MOA, and other specifics depending on the company type and jurisdiction.
What are the most profitable businesses in Dubai?
Dubai's profitable sectors include tourism, real estate, retail, hospitality, technology, finance, and healthcare. Bizvisor can guide you towards the best options based on your goals.

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