FedRAMP is a government program ensuring secure cloud solutions for federal agencies. It standardizes assessment, authorization, and monitoring of cloud products.

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FedRAMP Assessment Process with Accorp Partners

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JAB Path

The JAB is composed of representatives from the Department of Defense (DoD), the General Services Administration (GSA), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The JAB path is suitable for cloud service providers looking to offer their services to multiple federal agencies. The JAB conducts a comprehensive review and authorization process on behalf of federal agencies.

Agency Path

The agency authorization path is intended for cloud service providers who work primarily with a specific federal agency. In this path, the agency takes responsibility for evaluating and granting the FedRAMP ATO.

Understanding FedRAMP Risk Levels and Compliance


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What distinguishes FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO) from FedRAMP Ready?
FedRAMP Ready signifies a cloud service provider's preparedness to meet FedRAMP requirements, while FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO) indicates successful completion of the rigorous assessment and compliance process, granting official permission to offer services to federal agencies.
Can a cloud service provider leverage its FedRAMP authorization across multiple federal agencies?**
Indeed, a cloud service provider with FedRAMP authorization can serve multiple federal agencies, offering them the assurance of security and compliance without needing to go through a separate assessment.
Does FedRAMP extend its applicability to non-U.S. organizations?**
FedRAMP primarily focuses on U.S. federal agencies and data, but non-U.S. organizations can still engage in the assessment process if they cater to federal clients or handle sensitive U.S. government data.
How does FedRAMP ensure the safeguarding of sensitive government data?
FedRAMP enforces stringent security controls and assessments, ensuring that cloud service providers implement robust measures to protect sensitive government data against unauthorized access and breaches.
. Is the achievement of FedRAMP compliance a guarantee for the complete eradication of security risks?
While FedRAMP compliance significantly enhances security, it doesn't eliminate all potential risks. Security is an ongoing effort that necessitates continuous monitoring, adaptation, and response.
What are the core benefits of obtaining FedRAMP certification?
Achieving FedRAMP certification showcases a cloud service provider's commitment to data security, enhances trust among federal clients, and streamlines the procurement process.
How frequently does a cloud service provider need to undergo FedRAMP assessments?
Regular assessments are required to ensure ongoing compliance. The frequency depends on factors such as the level of authorization and changes to the service.
Can a cloud service provider offer FedRAMP-compliant services to state and local government entities?
Yes, state and local governments recognize the rigor of FedRAMP and often accept it as evidence of security compliance.
What role does continuous monitoring play in maintaining FedRAMP compliance?
Continuous monitoring involves ongoing assessment and reporting, ensuring that security controls remain effective over time and promptly addressing any emerging vulnerabilities.

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