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ESOP Process

Plan design

The company creates an employee share ownership plan that outlines the eligibility criteria, share allocation, vesting schedule, and other relevant details.

Granting of options

The company grants options to eligible employees, which gives them the right to purchase shares at a future date.


The options granted to employees typically vest over a period of time, meaning they become exercisable after a certain period of employment.

Exercise of options

Once the options have vested, the employee can exercise them by purchasing company shares at the predetermined price.

Sale of Shares

The employee can hold onto the shares or sell them in the open market at the current market price.

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FOR COMPANY: Employee stock options improve morale, leading to better performance ESOPs help retain employees and lower the turnover rate Offering ESOPs as part of salary can save on director compensation for private limited companies.

FOR EMPLOYEES: Equity share plan = employees own part of company Sell shares over time, benefit from the success Pre-determined share price ensures profit upon selling Motivates employees to perform well and grow with company No tax on employee contributions to equity share plans.


Blue sky laws are state-level securities regulations that govern the offer and sale of securities within a state. When it comes to ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) in the United States, blue sky laws may apply if the plan involves the offer or sale of securities to employees.

To ensure compliance with applicable blue sky laws, we can help you with the regulations in your state. We can help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape and ensure that your ESOP loan is structured in a way that complies with all relevant securities regulations.


I am very pleased with the services provided by Accorp. They are extremely efficient and always maintain the highest level of transparency. I would definitely recommend their services to any company looking for top-notch ESOP Program administration.

-President, Marketing Company, California

Chief Technology Officer

Accorp has been a very competent consultant to us and we are happy to rely on them. We needed someone to analyze our existing stock option instrument. They conducted a feasibility study, correlated their findings with company objectives and came up with their recommendations.

- Chief Human Resources Officer, Saas Company, Los Angeles.

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Do shareholders need to approve ESOP?
Yes, shareholders need to approve ESOP in order to issue new options. However, it is more efficient to get shareholders to pre-approve issuing options up to a certain amount, so that you don't need to go back for approval
Are ESOP plans good for employees?
ESOPs can be a great way for employees to feel more ownership of their company and see a direct correlation between their performance and the company's success. This can create a more productive and positive work environment for everyone involved.
Do ESOPs need to be audited?
Yes, ESOPs need to be audited in order to comply with ERISA requirements.
What are the documents required for ESOP?
The documents required for an ESOP are minutes of a board meeting, a special resolution approving the ESOP Program along with the explanatory statement, minutes of the general meeting, and a board's report. Additionally, a MPAS- 3 and MGT- 14.