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Accorp Legal Services provides comprehensive legal, financial, and tax services for businesses, including transitions to Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

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ESOP Administration, Compliance, Planning & Consulting

ESOP Partners is a firm that specializes in the consulting and administration of employee stock ownership plans. The ESOPs they manage are successful because they rely on each other for long-term success.

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In current scenario of emerging technologies, most of the organizations outsource few aspects of their business to vendors which can either include performing a specific task or replacing an entire business function. Vendors can handle various functions like customer support, financial technology, data storage, software development etc. With all these advantages, organizations should also consider various inherent risks associated with outsourcing.

Understanding Important Terms related to ESOP


Refers to the commitment made by the employer by issuing the ‘Letter of Grant’ informing concerned employees about their eligibility to avail ESOP.


It is the process which gives an employee the right to own shares in his company over a period of time. The rights over these shares are non-forfeitable.


The company, initially, grants an Option. If an employee decides to convert this option into shares, it is called ‘exercising’ the option.

Exercise Price

Also known as Strike Price, this is the price at which these shares are offered to the employees. It is usually below the current market price and is pre-determined. The employee has to pay the strike price and own the equivalent shares.

Exercise Period

Exercise Period After the vesting period, the employees are given some time to exercise the options granted to them. This is known as ‘Exercise Period’.

Shareholders Approval

Approval of shareholders by way of separate resolution required grant of option to employees of subsidiary or holding company or grant exceeding 1% of company.


The Advantages of Employee Ownership

Employee ownership is a method of company ownership that offers employees a stake in the success of their business. ESOPs, or employee stock ownership plans, are one example of this type of organization. An ESOP is an investment plan that allows employees to purchase shares from their employer.

ESOPs present unique opportunities and challenges that are not often encountered in other business ownership structures. Business advisors who are familiar with ESOP structures will be able to guide you through the process of managing your company in this way, as well as protect your assets and provide innovative ideas for growth.

Need Support or Guidance?

Our ESOP professionals will help you understand the relevant issues in your business, including valuation and compliance. We’ll answer your questions about how to improve cash flow and increase profitability, and we’ll help you determine whether an ESOP is right for your company. We combine the depth of ESOP financial advisory experience with the breadth that comes from Accorp’s position as a leader in the areas of audit, tax, and consulting services.

Our ESOP services also include:

  1. Annual valuation updates
  2. Entity and transaction structuring
  3. ESOP feasibility studies
  4. ESOP plan audits
  5. Financial statement audit, review, and compilations
  6. M&A due diligence
  7. Tax structuring and planning/preparation
  8. Transaction opinions

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you are not already part of an employee-ownership culture, it is time to start a feasibility study on ESOPs. A study will help you decide if selling your business is right for your company and whether or not to implement an ESOP. In other words, an ESOP feasibility study will give you the information you need to know if an ESOP is right for your business. If a study shows that an ESOP is not the best choice, you will have much of the information necessary to help you evaluate other opportunities. Accorp can help you fulfill your vision of the future.

FAQ Related to Audit

ESOPs or Employee Stock Option Plan is an employee benefit plan where the employers offer their employees’ ownership interest in the organisation. The employer has the discretion to decide who is eligible for these stocks. ESOPs can be issued as profit-sharing plans, bonuses, or direct stock. In India, several laws and regulations govern the issuance of ESOPs. These options can be purchased before the excise date.

There are several benefits of ESOP for the business. These benefits are-Increased Productivity- Since ESOP recognizes strong employee loyalty, they act as an incentive for the employees to improve their performance and productivity and give them a sense of ownership.Tax advantages- Issuance of ESOPs to the employees has several tax benefits for the business as well as the employees. This is because the contributions made to the ESOPs are tax-deductible, and the employees are not taxed on the ESOP contributions they receive.

Consistency in governance- Usually, when an owner of a company steps down from the business, there is a worry of change in governance. However, companies with ESOP in place don't have to worry about this change.

The benefits of ESOP for the employees are- For the employees, ESOPs provide job security and job satisfaction.The employees feel more responsible and show more initiative and better performance because they become a part of the decision-making process.

ESOPs are not shares in itself. Therefore, they cannot be transferred but once they are converted to the shares, an employee can freely transfer them subjected to terms and conditions stated by the company.

In case the holder of ESOP dies before lapsing of the option, they vest in his/her legal heir or nominee.